Heyden Farms Expansion

In December 2012 the Government passed a mandatory Code of Compliance standard for the housing of poultry; The Enriched Colony Cage. This new standard requires birds to have 30% more barn housing space to allow for freedom of movement.

Careful planning

Following eight months of careful planning to meet stringent Council requirements, we applied to the South Waikato District Council in June 2013 for resource consent to expand our Lichfield property.

Project implementation

Our large-scale modernisation expansion project is now underway. A project that will ultimately take four years to complete, we have planned the four new barns to be erected one each year from 2014 – 2017. With the build, and the purchase of the new colony caging system, we are confident that Heyden Farms will be at the forefront of the egg farming industry.

Looking ahead and consolidation

The expansion project means we will be up with the best in terms of life for our birds, modernisation and efficiency. These are exciting times at Heyden Farms and we look ahead with great enthusiasm to continued growth and productivity.