Transition to Colony Cages

Starting in February 2014, Heyden Farms will transition over a four-year period to a new colony cage farming system.

World’s best practice

Colony farming is the world’s best practice standard for egg farming. With its introduction egg farmers are able to meet welfare requirements, providing ample freedom of movement for housed birds, and benefit from the cost savings this type of farming creates.

Like an open plan home

To achieve compliance of colony-farming standards, a bird colony must provide a minimum space of 750 square centimetres per bird. A bit like an open plan home, housing birds in this way allows them to freely socialise with other hens. Scientific research shows that the ideal number of birds per flock is 60, which is what the minimum space requirement is based on.

At night birds like to rest so each colony house has ample perching areas. The birds also have scratching and pecking pads and nesting boxes available. A continuous moving belt captures and removes bird waste to ensure stringent hygiene and welfare requirements are met.

Happy People Happy Eggs

This type of egg farming not only improves the welfare of birds; it is cheaper to run and as a result keeps eggs at an affordable price for consumers.

It’s a win-win, with colony farming being the perfect ‘partner’ for our Happy People Happy Eggs philosophy here at Heyden Farms.